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Hard copies of the WHY AM I ON THIS EARTH? books are also available at $10.00 per copy plus shipping by emailing whyencounter@mts.net or telephoning 204-788-4883. (Payment details will be done over the telephone.)

The WHY AM I ON THIS EARTH? book was produced in 1986, about 11 years after Canadian publisher, George Derksen, first envisioned producing a Christian witnessing tool in the same dynamic and colorful format as his company's popular business publication.

The book contains the plan of salvation and testimonies of people. People love to read about other people. It shows them how God can completely change lives. Nothing is impossible for God, the Creator of the Universe.

George Derksen's vision was to get the book into every home in Canada. To-date, 1.3 million WHY books have been distributed in Canada, coast-to-coast, from Victoria to Halifax.

We’ve heard many exciting testimonies. Here are a few.

George Derksen received a letter from a jail inmate incarcerated at Bowden prison. He wrote: “Sir, I must express to you my profound gratitude as you may have well saved me from ending it all.  Your publication – WHY AM I ON THIS EARTH? - was delivered to my prison cell.”

A Christian University student wrote an essay on God, Jesus Christ and the Bible.  He handed it to his professor who cautioned him, “It’s alright if you write about this, but don’t you dare discuss it in class.”  A vigorous discussion followed, with the student concluding that the professor was probably a hopeless case as far as Christianity was concerned.  At the end of the year, the student left to attend a Christian College.  Three years later, the student visited a local church. He was amazed to meet the professor in the church foyer.  “Carol” he burst out, “what are you doing here? Her reply: “I received a WHY book delivered to my home. I read it over and over again. I concluded that Jesus Christ is the answer.”

A young boy needed some information for a school project.  His parents directed him to some books on the book shelf.  He came across the WHY book and was so intrigued with it.  He read it and shared its message with his parents.  It was completely new to them.  The family prayed the prayer of salvation.

The last book Gloria read was the WHY book which she received during a mass distribution. Salvation became real to her and she accepted Christ. Soon after she died. Her daughter and son-in-law made the WHY book available to people attending her funeral. Some 60 books were distributed among family and friends.